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The mission of ServingHIM is "Making Disciples through Jesus Christ, Bringing Hope and Healing Worldwide." We do this through our Evangelism/Discipleship teams and through the Dental/Medical care in our clinics in Romania, Moldova, and Guatemala. Our focus is to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, making disciples and caring for the sick. We also have teams working through long-standing partnerships with local evangelical pastors and their churches to reach the people through community outreach programs like the Health Fair, Vacation Bible School, Children's Healthcare Programs in Public Schools, Animal Distribution (Goats, Pigs, Chickens), Food Baskets, Women's Outreach, Widow's Ministry, and Pastor's Conferences. Your donation will help grow the ministry and healthcare opportunities we have in these countries. We are always looking for ways to reach more people for the Kingdom of God.

2020 Mission Trips

Additional 2020 Mission Trips TBD